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Eligibility Criteria

The .law and .abogado Eligibility Policy


.law and .abogado are restricted top-level-domains (TLDs) that aim to promote trust in the professional legal community by creating exclusive online spaces in which Qualified Lawyers and Authorized Legal Institutions (i.e., law firms, law schools, Legal Regulators such as bar associations and courts of law) can present themselves in a distinctive and memorable manner. In order to fulfill this mission, the .law and .abogado TLDs will offer domain names only to those verified applicants who satisfy the Eligibility Criteria as set out in this .law and .abogado Eligibility Policy. The strict Eligibility Criteria, which will be applied through a verification process, will enhance the integrity of the .law and .abogado TLDs.

As the .law and .abogado TLDs are open to registrations from anywhere in the world, what constitutes a Qualified Lawyer or Authorized Legal Institution may vary between jurisdictions. For this reason, the Registry for .law and .abogado reserves the right to ask, including through its verification agent, for any further proof of eligibility it considers appropriate and to exercise its complete discretion in the verification of registrants to ensure that the spirit of the Eligibility Criteria is met.

.law and .abogado Eligibility Criteria

In order to register a domain name in the .law and .abogado TLDs, the full official name of the registrant must be recorded in the Name and/or Organization fields in the Registrant Contact information of the relevant whois record AND the registrant must be one of the following:

Note: The Registry for .law and .abogado reserves the right to engage an independent verification agent to carry out the verification of applicants against the Eligibility Criteria in this Eligibility Policy. The .law and .abogado registry reserves the right for the independent verification agent to contact applicants in order to request any further information or supporting documentation that it deems necessary to satisfy itself as to whether or not an applicant meets the requirements of this Eligibility Policy.

By registering a .law name, registrant agrees that they meet and will continue to meet any and all eligibility criteria prescribed in the Registry Policies. The Registry has the full discretion to determine, in its sole election (and/or by its designated and authorized agents to determine) that a registrant does not meet the eligibility criteria, or no longer meets the eligibility criteria, and in such case the Registry has the right to suspend, transfer, delete, or terminate services to the registrant without written notice (including without limitation deletion of the registrant’s domain name(s) in the TLD).